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About RVJ Cargo Inspections

We, at RVJ Cargo Inspections offer weight- and quality control, monitoring and sampling of all your (dry) bulk shipments. We guarantee the quality of the shipment and subsequently the continuity of your company. Our product and contract knowledge enable us to limit your risks and look after your interests to our best abilities. And we are at your disposal not only during office hours. This is how we work together in order to grow the success of your company.

We owe our maneuverability to the fact that we are a small organization with short lines of communication. Thanks to our skilled people, who all have knowledge of the business and carry their own responsibility, we can act rapidly and anticipate on existing and new developments. Simply because we like to think along with you. Because we want to exceed your expectations by showing great commitment we work more efficiently. And at modest rates, without hidden costs. Open and transparent.



Our team consists of trained inspection staff of the highest level and an office staff with over 20 years of experience.

As a young, dynamic, independent, flexible, driven and 'no-nonsense' company with extensive knowledge of inspections of agricultural products, we stand for transparency, integrity, independence, trust and ‘service excellence’.

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Our services

The services listed below are performed by qualified inspection employees and an office staff with more than 40 years of experience. Fast, accurate, transparent and clear. That’s how we operate.

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Loading, discharging and transhipment with professional supervision

Continuous supervision during loading, discharging and transshipment of inland navigation vessels, coasters and sea-going vessels. During transshipment, our inspectors are present at every stage of the operational process for up-to-date monitoring of temperature, quality and condition of (dry) bulk goods. If the cargo does not meet the standard you specified, we will inform you in time so that you can take action against your contracting party/parties. Weight determination:

  • Application of the correct loading, discharge and/or transshipment procedures
  • Weight control by checking the scales used for loading or unloading
  • Checking scales for calibration
  • Checking the scales where possible
  • By means of calibration inland vessels and/or draft survey sea vessels/coasters


From sampling in the field to laboratory samples

We sample grains, oilseeds, animal feed, derived products and other agricultural raw materials. The samples are collected according to your specific and international requirements, varying per type of product. From field sampling to laboratory samples. Thanks to our network in the field of laboratory analysis, we can assist you in selecting an accredited laboratory. We ensure that samples are taken to various laboratories within the required time frame in order to obtain representative and accurate results.

  • Contractual and/or private sampling and sealing of samples in accordance with the various contracts (including FOSFA/GAFTA/VERNOF/FCC)
  • Storage facilities: your contractual and/or open samples are stored per batch for the required storage period in our sample room and subsequently destroyed.
  • Dispatch of your contractual samples within the stipulated period to the laboratory of your choice with full traceability and the courier’s basic information.


We ensure that your cargo is loaded and shipped according to your specifications

Monitoring of stored goods is important during the storage period. We offer continuous monitoring or periodic inspection to keep track of movements and the condition of your goods.

  •  Visual observation of the condition of the cargo and temperature recording(s). Depending on the period in which storage takes place and the method of storage, the product may start to fester. We can help prevent this by continuously monitoring stocks, whether or not by means of movable temperature probes (in the cargo) in the case of warehouses.
  • In the case of floating storage, we offer (weekly) monitoring where our inspectors visually check the cargo in combination with temperature probes.


RVJ-CI works closely together with well recognized surveyors

Our damage investigation services assist in determining the condition of your cargo and the possible cause of the damage, thus helping to limit the possible financial losses caused by the damage.

Meet co-ordinator and planner Wesley Supusepa

Do you already know Wesley? He has been running around the port since he was 19, where he started from scratch. In fact, when the surveyors were counting, Wesley Supusepa was lugging bags with the bale hook in the boat. Then he gradually made his career. By now, Wesley has really seen everything in the...
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Maurice van der Poort RVJ CI

Just introduce: Maurice van der Poort

Do you already know Maurice van der Poort? Maurice took the international wholesale trade course, but pretty soon after completing this he headed in a completely different direction. Maurice van der Poort (39) followed in his father’s footsteps and became a (AGRI) cargo inspector about 20 years ago. Because he has been around in the...
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Our results

By cooperating with RVJ Cargo Inspections you are guaranteed to get the best results with all your (dry) bulk cargoes. From soya to corn, grain, cocoa and thereof derivatives.

Control and monitoring80%
Test and certification90%
Collectively, more than 100 years of experience


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