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Loading and discharge control

Loading and discharge with professional supervision

Sampling and sample dispatch

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Loading and/or discharge inspections including contractual sampling and forwarding samples according to your specifications.

About RVJ Cargo Inspections

RVJ Cargo Inspections offers weight and quality control, monitoring, sampling of all your shipments. All these services are performed by qualified inspection staff and back office with many years of experience; ”our word is our bond” !

We are a young, dynamic, independent, flexible and “no-nonsense” company with capabilities in agricultural product inspections. Transparency, integrity, independence, trust and “service excellence” is our drive, passion and dedication.

Our goal is “to be a partner in your business”, to be “the best in class”, “to grow together to the highest level” and ”to cover every link in the supply chain”. Our product and contract knowledge in the agricultural sector is an important need to minimize-avoid problem in your daily activities.

All these services are performed by highly trained inspection staff and an office staff with over 20 years of experience, we stand for what we do.


You can count on us, we stand for what we do


All our employees are qualified and up-to-date trained


Even after office hours we are available for you, 24/7

Our services

All these services are performed by qualified inspection staff and a back office with many years of experience, “our word is our bond” !

With what can we help you?



Loading, discharging and transhipment with professional supervision

Continuous supervision during loading, discharge and transhipment of inland barges, coasters and sea-going vessels. During the inspection our inspectors are present at every stage of the operational process, for up-to-date temperature / quality / condition monitoring.

If the goods do not meet your specified standard, we will inform you in due time so that you can anticipate/take action against parties involved.

Weight determination:

  • Applying the correct loading, discharge and/or transhipment procedures
  • Weight check by checking the scales that are used for loading or discharge your ships.
  • Scales are checked for calibration/ validation purposes.
  • Testing scales are done where possible
  • By gauging inland barges and/or draft survey seagoing vessels/coasters


Van bemonstering in het veld tot laboratorium monsters

We sample grains, oil seeds, animal feed, by products and other agricultural raw materials. The samples are collected according to your specification – and international requirements – varied per type of product. From field sampling to laboratory samples, through our network with regard to laboratory analysis we can assist you in choosing an accredited laboratory. We ensure that samples are taken to various laboratories within the required timeframe to obtain representative and accurate results.

  • Contractual and/or private sampling and sealing of samples in accordance with the various contracts (including FOSFA / GAFTA / VERNOF/FCC a.o.) against your counterparty.
  • Storage facilities, your contractual and/or open samples per batch are stored in our sample room during the required storage period and subsequently destroyed.
  • Forwarding your contractual samples within the specified period to the laboratory of your choice with full track and trace / basic information from the courier.


We ensure that your cargo is loaded and shipped according to your specifications

Monitoring of stored cargo is important “its key”; during the storage period and we offer continuous monitoring or periodic inspection to keep an eye on possible movements and condition of your goods.

  • Visual observation of the condition of the stored cargo and temperature recording (s) – depending on the period in which the storage takes place and the method of storage, the product can start initial heating, we can help prevent this by continuously monitoring stocks, whether or not by means of movable temperature probes in the cargo in case of storage in warehouse(s).
  • For floating storage, we offer (weekly) monitoring whereby our inspectors visually check the load in combination with the temperatures of the cargo with calibrated temperature lances


RVJ-CI works closely with BosBoon Expertise

Our damage investigation services help you determine the condition of your load and the possible cause of the damage. By determining the cause and extent of the damage, we can help you to limit the potential financial losses due to damage to goods.

Our results

By dealing/cooperate with RVJ Cargo Inspections you are guaranteed to be at the best address for all your Dry Bulk cargo and assured of a successful story.  From soy to corn, wheat, cocoa and by products.

Control and monitoring80%
Test and certification90%
Together more than 100 years of experience - We are always at your service!


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